Money laundering through property is a major problem. As a Property Professional make sure you are not unknowingly being criminally exploited.

All high-end money laundering schemes are facilitated by the abuse of legitimate businesses with property professionals, accountants and solicitors regularly targeted. Organisations are subject to legislation that insist on processes and procedures being in place to prevent their business being used for money laundering

Client due diligence and risk assessment using AML Search v4.0, which exceeds your anti-money laundering legislative requirements, means our instant reports will demonstrate your compliance and save you from the risk of heavy financial penalties or prison.

Electronic checks - immediately verify identity


Customer Due Diligence

Identify and verify your customers so you know they are who they say they are, and you can continue with your business relationship.

Risk Assessment

Independent data verification on individuals and organisations employing multiple data sources means no more manual risk assessments.

Document verification

Can you spot a forged passport, driving licence or identity card? Reduce the risk of accepting fake documents that are supporting a fraudulent identity claim.

Maximum Protection

If it is low risk simplified due diligence or enhanced due diligence advanced screening both are options as a part of our automated Risk Assessment process.

PEP’s and Sanctions

Checks will identify politically exposed persons (PEP’s) and individuals or organisations that are subject to global sanctions.

Ongoing monitoring and due diligence

Continue remaining compliant with our ongoing interactive monitoring. Alerts and warnings will prompt you when there has been a change of circumstances that will affect your Risk Assessment.

Keep everything secure

You can feel secure knowing that our security and system meets your legal requirements. Easily add manage and maintain your client’s documents and the audit log will let you know who did what when. Receive notifications when you are approaching the 10 year legal limit for holding onto the data.


Companies House records searches will confirm a Company’s directors, ownership and control structure.


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